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A Shadow Riders MC: Blue's Book ~ TITLE AND COVER REVEAL

I got more requests for Blue's book than any other character in INFLAMED combined. I knew I wanted to tell his story too, but I didn't know if others would feel the same way. But it's so great that you do! Tell me what you liked so much about him? I loved him from the first page, but I want to know YOUR thoughts on what made him so compelling to you as a character? The wit? The charm? Or the fact that he made you completely LOL?

Now, be sure and pay close attention to the cover and title of this book because they are symbolic just like Inflamed! BUT, don't freak out. Blue will get some good ol' fashioned lovin' in this book which WILL end with an HEA. Complications will arise because it wouldn't be the Shadow Riders MC if they didn't! Blue's life is very complicated and has been from the time he was a child. What you got of him in Inflamed is just a glimpse of who he truly is, which is a broken man who often uses humor to hide his scars. He's the type of man who can easily tell it like it is, but can be hardheaded as hell when it comes to taking his own damn advice.

Within these pages, you'll find out what truly led to his joining the Shadow Riders, why he stuck to River like glue from the day they met and never looked back, as well as his real name! You'll also learn more about the woman who finally manages to steal his heart for good. For someone who has never committed to being tied down to just one woman in his entire bleepin' life, this will be one SERIOUS as hell feat, don't you think? Her name is Roxanne aka 'Miss Foxy Roxy' and I hope that you'll enjoy reading about her just as much as I've enjoyed writing about her! Her background is pretty deep and dark much like Mia's, but in a very different way. FYI, this will also be an IR romance. 

Stay tuned to my blog and Facebook and be sure to check your email for my newsletter regarding more upcoming news about paperback giveaways for Inflamed (I'm planning to order books for summer giveaways! Anyone interested in snagging a few??), possible ARCs for CODE BLUE and other fun things! Just so you know, the same warnings will apply when it comes to the content for this book. Maybe even more when it comes to Blue. If you recall, he had more of a mouth on him than River, so just be fully prepared for everything that comes out and don't be surprised by the reactions to his words, LOL.

As always, happy reading, enjoy your day and keep a close eye out for what's next for your boy, Blue!


  1. Currently reading Inflamed, and all I can say is I wasn't ready! This is unlike any MC story I've ever read: authentic, no-holds barred, nasty!

    1. LOL!!! Thank you so much! So glad you are enjoying it and love hearing your thoughts about it! I was very nervous to release the book, but getting comments like this makes me very glad that I did!


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