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Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice Novella ~ NEW YEARS DAY SPECIAL RELEASE

Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice Novella has been uploaded to Amazon and will release in just a few hours!!!!!!!!!! So now, it’s just a waiting game!

This was a quick and fun book to write even between all the stress of the holidays. Some questions from Truth & Consequences answered and some don’t. The rest will be answered in The Wedding, which will be the FINAL BOOK featuring all five main characters. Book 6 will only feature two of them and that book will release in the fall of 2016!

Naughty vs. Nice is *almost* 30K words, just being a few hundred shy of it. I was shooting for less, but every time I do when it comes to these characters, they always have more to say than I originally intend. It will be 99cents before going up to $2.99 after January 4th, so get it THE SECOND I tell you that it drops and tell your friends and fellow readers by liking and sharing this post!
Thanks so much and when the book becomes LIVE, I will forward the links! In the meantime, I know in some pla…

Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice TEASER ~ NOW LIVE ON AMAZON

Vanessa spun around to Maurice, who after removing his gloves, wrapped his hands around her face and pulled her close to his mouth. She jumped back. "Your hands are ice cold, Mo!" she squealed. He dropped his hands down to her waist and jerked her to him. "I know," he told her, his voice low, seductive. She melted into him like a piece of chocolate beneath the heat of the sun and slinked her arms around his neck. "I was looking for you to warm me up." She laughed and dipped her head back, but Maurice wrapped two ice cold fingers around her jaw to pull her forward. He slipped his tongue between her lips, licking from side to side and swirling it around inside her mouth until it met hers, and kissed her deeply. She moaned so loudly that the noise could be heard throughout the entire house. He attempted to muffle it with an even deeper kiss and as her entire body collapsed against his in what felt like a faint, thus feeding into his ever growing erection, his…

Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice Novella ~ BLURB!

As I mentioned in a previous post, you will need to read books 1 - 4 in the Miss Independent series in order to know what's going on with the characters in this book. I'll also advise to PLEASE read this book before reading The Wedding! This is book 4.5, meaning you may read parts in Book 5 that leave you lost and/or confused if you don't read this book first.

Now, check out the cover again as well as the official blurb!

It's Christmastime in New York City! A very special time of year to spend with family and friends! And this year marks the first year for Vanessa and Maurice as an official couple. To christen this very special occasion, they've decided to have their first Christmas dinner in their home, inviting everyone they know who means the most (and even the least) to them to make the very special announcement of their engagement. But as always with this group, things never go as officially planned. Someone ends up in the hospital. Someone ends up with a few …

Hmm....A Miss Independent Christmas?

I love the holidays! Christmas is my favorite time of year. 2015 has been trying me left and right but I'm determined to celebrate the rest of the year in style. I told myself and mentioned in an earlier post that I wouldn't pen another novel this year (mostly due to the stress of having written so many already back to back), but I missed Vanessa and the crew and wanted to know what they would be up to over the holiday's. I've also always wanted to write a Christmas book, so I did!

Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice Novella This book takes place after Truth & Consequences and BEFORE The Wedding. There will be spoilers in this book, so if you haven't read Miss Independent, Decision Makers, Live & Learn or Truth & Consequences DON'T read this book!

And since this is a novella, taking place over Christmas and into the New Year, it will not be as long as the other books in the series. Some twists, turns and surprises will take place and some minor deta…

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Then pick up a copy of TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES and prepare yourself for THE WEDDING of the year in Spring 2016!!!!!

Fights. Break ups. Make ups. A hospital stint or two!

It's all happening in the last book featuring your favorite five: Maurice, Vanessa, Nathan, Sheila & Nikki!

Live & Learn Truth & Consequences If you enjoy the books, please don't hesitate to leave a review! Reviews from readers help others decide if they would like to make the same purchases. They also keep us writing the books you all want to read. Thank you!

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The Wedding is coming spring 2016! Will Maurice & Vanessa actually make it down the …

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Book four in the Miss Independent series, Truth & Consequences will be available for absolutely FREE this weekend on Amazon! And for a limited time, will be available in Kindle Unlimited! Get it HERE.

Take advantage of this opportunity to pick up the fourth book, catch up on the first three and prepare for book 5, The Wedding in early 2016!!!!!

Remember, The Wedding will have just that, a wedding, a birth or maybe even two and possibly a death of a main character.

Can you guess who will actually tie the knot? Will it be the legitimately engaged couple or a surprise?

Who's giving birth?

And who might actually die???