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Hey guys! I hate to even do this so late in the game, but due to some unfortunate issues, Truth & Consequences will be delayed and officially released on the 10th of October.
Now remember, it's just delayed, not cancelled or pushed back any further than that. 
It’s still being published for any who may have concerns that it won't be (trust me, I've worked too damn hard on this book and spent too many hours with these characters to not let you guys get your hands on it as soon as you can!), but it has to be pushed back. It… just has to.
I sincerely wanted to get his book out there by next week (on Thursday, the 1st) as originally scheduled and as I told you guys, and told you guys, and told you guys that it would be.
But truth be told, this book has taken me on a really big emotional journey that I wasn't expecting or prepared for, even up to these last few days. I went to places in this book that I didn't want to go, but places that I HAD to go in order to get…

SNIPPET! Truth & Consequences

“And we are not having sex. Unlike Sheila, my legs are not open for you like a 24 hour restaurant in the Bronx.”

Guess who says it???  And to what man???

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#TGIT! And enjoy your tomorrow!

Truth & Consequences, Part None

I promised to have Part One up for Truth & Consequences this week, but as I continue editing the book and ridding it of typos, I'm realizing that only HALF of Part One is working for me. The other half of Part One? Not so much. It doesn't flow well with the rest of the book as I want it to and in order for me to be satisfied enough for you to read it, it needs to work for me first. At the moment, it's not doing that, so I won't be able to post it just yet. 
I wanted to post another scene instead and varied between Mo/Vanessa, Vanessa/Nikki, Nikki/Oscar, Sheila/Adrian, but every single scene with the exception of a few is just chock-full of spoilers for other parts of this book. 
Soooooo, it may have to wait until the book finally gets in your hands!
My deepest apologies! T&C, while amazing to write, is also one of the most difficult for me in the series thus far as both an author and reader, given what happens to various characters throughout. I can guarantee a (h…

Goin' to the Chapel... Truth & Consequences

One of the character’s in Truth & Consequences gets to wear this by the book’s end!

Want to know who???
Pre Order and get it straight to your kindle by October 1st to find out!

Then tell me if you’re happy about that outcome or not!
Happy Reading and enjoy your weekend!

Update on the Miss Independent Series

After October 6, 2015, all books in the MI series will be removed from Kindle Unlimited. 
That means, if you haven't snagged a book in KU already, do so before October 6th! 

Box Set, Miss Independent/Decision Makers
Live & Learn

Part One for Truth & Consequences will be posted next week!
I'm just going to warn you now that there will be sex, there will be adultery, there will be swearing, and there will be threats and violence (the latter to some degree). If any of that offends you as a reader, it might be best to skip right on over this book. However, if you've read the first three books in the series, you already know how I roll and should have a feel of what this book will be like as well!
PRE ORDER for Truth & Consequences
Happy reading and enjoy your week.

Nathan & Vanessa: Truth & Consequences

Check out an upcoming scene that takes place between these two former flames following an intense encounter in which one or more truths have been revealed:

A smile inched up the corners of his mouth, but in no way was he thrilled with what she had to say. “Don’t play the victim here, V, alright? Nobody’s an innocent in this mess that we’ve all created for ourselves and each other.” “I’m not playing a victim of anything,” she snapped. “And I wouldn’t dare say that we all created this mess. I’d say that you and Sheila created it like you do everything else and dragged us right along for the ride which leads straight down to hell.” “That’s bullshit, Vanessa.” He sighed. “No actually, it’s not bullshit, Nate. In fact, it’s far from it. My life was a hell of a lot easier, and so much simpler without the two of you back in it, mucking it up as usual. I don’t know how many times I have to say this before it finally sinks into your thick as hell skull, but you two haven’t even been back a year ye…