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Update - Book Delay!

My deepest apologies to any and all readers, but due to unforeseen circumstances as of late, Her Royal Intrusion won’t be released until Monday, June 16th!

Just a few more weeks of waiting!!!! In the meantime, the first book in the series, Her Royal Seduction will be available as a free download on Amazon Kindle for five days, starting May 30th!

Thanks to all who have read Royal Seduction and waited (extremely patiently) for Her Royal Intrusion! I can only hope you won't be disappointed with the outcome when it's finally released!

Save the Date - June 16

Her Royal Intrusion Summary!

The war against England had been won.
But it was only a calm before the first of many storms.

Tensions rise high between the royals when King Belarus demands that his son add another key member to his now faltering court: former General to the English army, the devilishly charming and handsome, John Devereux. Making matters worse, Norvack not only learns that John shares an intimate past with his wife Cinder, but that his new right hand man may be the key to his apparent downfall.

Meanwhile, as Cinder struggles with the arrival of her former lover and is forced to face a part of her past she had long wished to forget, she realizes that her husband has found a new loyal confidant in her personal handmaiden, Brigita. On the night of a disastrous blizzard, she searches for the two outside the palace but instead comes face to face with a man she was certain to never see again, forcing the entire family to come to a deciding conclusion regarding the night Willem was killed.

Coming this mont…