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Book 5 in the Miss Independent series ~ Cover and Title

If you've read all the way through Truth & Consequences, then you know that book 5 will be titled "The Wedding". This will be the LAST BOOK to cover ALL five characters. The book following will only cover TWO characters and will be the absolute final book in the series.

As much fun as these stories have been to write, these characters take ALOT out of me. I hope they're just as fun to read, but not nearly as draining.

And while we're on the subject of draining, I just want to make a quick note:

I've had a few emails sent by some who've recently read Miss Independent and told me that that they feel like Vanessa does nothing but whine in that particular book and that it would be better for them if she did less. And I get that. I do. The thing is, and I honestly don't know another way to say it, but she's *meant* to. I didn't go in trying to write her as a woman having it all together, because the facts are that she didn't and never has.…

Miss Independent gets a face lift!

I've recently updated the cover of Miss Independent!

I liked the last cover okay, but since I used real people for the covers of books 2 - 4, only "cartoonized", I wanted to have that same look for book 1 as well to give the series a more cohesive look.

The paperback version will be updated shortly!

I like this version a lot better because it reflects more of Vanessa's tone in this book. A little somber, a little bitter, a little angry. That's this book in a nutshell when it comes to her character. She's got a lot of, excuse my language, shit to work through in this book as well as the others, but this one shows the beginning of her journey. I can't wait to post the cover of book 5 to show just how far she's come since that very first page!

I hope you all are enjoying Truth & Consequences! That book took *a lot* out of me while writing it, despite it being a lot of fun to finish. If you liked what you read, reviews are always welcome! I love encou…

Truth & Consequences: Sent To You!

Received word from Amazon earlier this afternoon that those who initially received a DRAFT of Truth & Consequences have been emailed information regarding the correct version and how to download it straight to their kindle. Thank you to everyone who kept the "screwy" version and waited patiently for the UPDATES! It tells me that you are truly invested in these characters and I want to thank you for writing this series for me worth it! I hope you enjoy reading about these crazy characters and their adventures and the crazy journeys they all take in this book. Some things may piss you off, but I hope in the end you're happy with the results. If you enjoy what's written, please don't hesitate to let me know what you liked. And pass the word along to those you think may be interested in this series as well! Book 5 is coming in early 2016 (you'll see the title revealed at the end of TRUTH). Book 6 will come not long after that, and will be the FINAL book in t…

Truth & Consequences: CORRECTED VERSION ~ UPDATE

I received an email earlier today from Kindle Publishers informing me that the correct version of T&C has finally been published and is available for sale.

For those of you that have purchased DRAFT versions, you should be receiving an email from Amazon by October 15th (this Thursday) with regard to downloading the correct file! 

They will need to review the changes to make sure they are suitable enough, which they will be since what was originally uploaded was not the correct version.

This book was around 125K words total.

It's upload to the kindle reads at 428 pages.

And that's with me having cut a few chapters here and there. One including Mo and Vanessa that I may post at a later date. I really liked that scene but couldn't find a proper place to fit it within the story.

Thank you again, sincerely, to those who are waiting so patiently for the updates to hit your notebook. Y'all are really the reason I continue on with this series. As much as I love it, Truth

Truth & Consequences: OFFICIAL PART ONE

Thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has continued to order and hold onto the book in draft form while waiting SO PATIENTLY for the final copy to arrive to your kindle!
I just want to make sure that you know that once you've received the legitimate FINAL COPY, it will state so at the top of the page.
T&C is still "In Review" status in my account but hopefully it will finally be published today. I know that some of you have been waiting since *July* for this release and I hope to **** it is worth your while once you finally get through the pages.
I can't stress my apology enough.
In the meantime, here is the official Part One of Book 4 in the Miss Independent series, Truth & Consequences.

Part One
It was a mess to be had by everyone involved. Barely a few hours had passed since the Hampton’s fiasco, which meant that no one had any real time to fully recover from what had taken place at Nathan’s ‘Dinner from Hell’ the night before. It also meant that Vanessa and …

Truth & Consequences: More Updates and an Apology!

Truth & Consequences releases in 3 days.
Unfortunately the current uploaded version on Amazon is still in DRAFT FORM.

And it's in publishing.

Which means I can't fix it until it's released.

Which also means that if you pre-ordered the book, the version that will be uploaded to your kindle on October 10 at 12am is a DRAFT and NOT the completed version as intended.

I hate that because the portion uploaded is about 25K words that literally take place in the center of the book and will make no sense (or might even piss you off) when you read them.


However, all hope is not lost as a CORRECTED version will be uploaded on the DAY of RELEASE.

So, if you pre-ordered the book OR download the book on the day of release and receive the DRAFT version (and trust me, you'll know it's a draft; IIRC, the chapters are not even labeled in that version), you will be notified ASAP of the corrected version and allowed to download it *again* to your kindle. The corrected file wi…