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A Shadow Riders MC: CODE BLUE ~ NSFW Blue & Roxy SNIPPET

This is probably most certainly offensive in language and not safe for work, but HERE YOU GO:

He wrapped both hands around my behind and dragged me down on top of his rock solid cock. "You are gonna get me fuckin' killed."

"Maybe..." I pulled back from him and grinned. "But wouldn't death under these circumstances be sort of worth it?"

"I wanna say no," he told me. "'Cause as much as I love the sweet, sweet taste of pussy, God knows I ain't never been the kinda motherfucker willin' to die for it, no matter how much my cock often said otherwise. But fact is, I ain't never wanted to taste another bitch in my entire goddamn life the way I wanna taste you right now, babe. I gotta ridiculous fuckin' need to taste you all the goddamn time."

I rolled my bottom lip beneath my teeth and gulped. "Is now one of those times?"

His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed; he rolled his tongue between his lips and lea…

A Shadow Riders MC: CODE BLUE FRIYAY TEASER ~ Blue & Roxy


He rattled his head and turned away from the television set to look directly into my eyes, and groaned. "Don't you go lookin' at me like that, darlin'."

I shoved my brows together and shook my head at him. "Looking at you like what?"

He raised the remote and clicked the off button, then turned his entire body toward me and leaned in so close that I was forced to breathe him in. My lips parted in an instant and as he exhaled, the taste of cigarettes and beer coated the entirety of my tongue. 

It was far from sublime but I didn't care because that taste was a part of him, a deep rooted part of who he had always been. A part I craved and longed for, and so desperately wanted and needed for myself. It was a part that no matter how hard I tried would never be able to let go of; a part that if I held onto tight enough would soon become mine, and only mine until the end of forever.

"Darlin'." A smirk ticked up the corner of his mouth and as …

A Shadow Riders MC: TEASER ~ Sage Advice from Blue to his Daughter, Shayla

"Darlin', if I never teach you nothin' else in this life, I'm gonna teach you this shit here: anytime somebody tells you that you CAN'T or that you SHOULDN'T do somethin' that you've been dyin' to do -- that you've been dreamin' about doin' since you were no higher than a pig's foot in dirt, you bend it over, slap an I CAN and I WILL on that son of a bitch and keep it movin' straight ahead." He pointed. "And while you're walkin' away, you better be holdin' your head up so goddamn high that when motherfuckers see you pass, they'll think God Himself is pullin' you up with an invisible string He personally gifted to ya. Understand? Never let a motherfucker allow you to think you're less than."

I love Blue in part because he says things like this. He's very thoughtful with his words even if they aren't PC or everyone's cup of tea; he has absolutely no filter and doesn't care beca…