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The opening to the book contains a HUGE SPOILER. If you'd rather not know what it is, PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER THAN THIS. THANK YOU.

*FYI, the prologue is a flashback to eight years ago, though the events take place prior to Blue and River finding Mia outside of their club.*

" was hard, it was nasty, it was angry and gritty... it was us."
WARNING: This book breaks all the rules put in place for traditional romance. Lying. Cheating. Stealing. Tons of swearing and death. It shows the uglier, more unpleasant side of being part of an MC. No kittens. Bunnies. Flowers, hearts or candy.  No roses and barely even sanity. It shows how hurt, pain, betrayal and death can haunt the ever loving sh!t out of the living. It's gritty. Raw. Nasty. Angry. Over the top and in your face salacious. It will snatch you from your comfort zone.  It will offend you. It will disgrace you.  It will chew you up, spit you out and ask that you still have more. It'll be too much for some and not en…

Code Blue Prologue Reveal on Monday!


This book opens up to a HUGE SPOILER that will set the tone for the entire story. Truth be told, I have debated even sharing it -- hell, I've debated the entire book itself. But I feel like I need to give you all something so that you know I haven't abandoned anything as far as BLUE goes. So if you do NOT want to know ANY spoilers whatsoever, DO NOT READ THE PROLOGUE FOR CODE BLUE.

Now, I'm PRAYING to make my deadline and have the book out for you all soon enough but I've had so many personal things going on over the past few months (mostly family related) that delays on this book have just been inevitable. 

And to be flatly honest, Blue's story is just so much harder to write than River's; I avoided it like the plague for as long as I could because I just couldn't imagine that a story like this was even possible. HOW the hell can these two people POSSIBLY have an HEA? is all I kept asking myself. HOW? HOW?! You'll see where I'm coming from wh…