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Download Live & Learn for FREE TODAY

As part of the promo deal, Live & Learn, book 3 in the Miss Independent series, will be available to download for absolutely FREE on Amazon every Sunday starting today, leading up to the release of Truth & Consequences on October 1st!

If you haven't gotten a copy yet, the next five Sunday's will give you an opportunity to catch up on the series!

Find Miss Independent, Book 1 HERE for 99cents

Find Decision Makers, Book 2 HERE for 2.99

Find Live & Learn, Book 3 HERE and HERE for FREE TODAY

Find Truth & ConsequencesHERE for 2.99.

Following Truth & Consequences, there will be two more books left in the series. Book 5 will be the last to feature all five main characters that we started with in Miss Independent. Book 6 will feature only TWO of the main characters from the series, with the others coming and going throughout the book from time to time. That book, unless something changes, will take place over the course of an entire year's time. I hope to have …

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass... Truth & Consequences

Just some fair warning:
You will more than likely get pissed off at both Maurice and Vanessa due to their actions toward each other in this book, as well as a few others I am sure, but those two are probably a given to make your blood boil a few times throughout once some truths are revealed.
Um... hopefully, you'll move past all of that to make it to the end and eventually to Book 5.
They're flawed characters so... um, just letting you know shit happens.

Truth & Consequences is available for Pre Order on Amazon
Available October 1st