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Live & Learn, Promo ~ LIMITED TIME ONLY DEAL

Since Truth & Consequences is releasing much later than I had originally planned, I've decided to do somewhat of a promo deal for book 3, Live & Learn.

From now until October, Live & Learn will be available to download for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.
That means, if you've read MI and DM and still want to read L&L prior to Truth & Consequences releasing, you can now do so for FREE with the subscription.
Tell one, tell all and download yourself a copy HERE in preparation for October 1st.

It seems extremely far away, but in reality will be here before we all know it!

Miss Independent Book 4: Truth & Consequences, PRE ORDER & RELEASE DATE

October 1st, 2015

In TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES, the fourth book in the Miss Independent series, Sheila and Nathan come to terms with the current status of their relationship. Vanessa and Maurice attempt to make plans for the future despite outside interference. And as Nikki gets drawn back into her past life with Oscar, Melanie threatens to reveal the smoking gun that may keep them apart forever.
No tomatoes please, regarding the abnormally late date!

I really tried to keep the books at least 2 to 3 months apart at the most, but I couldn't possibly keep up with that pattern after Live & Learn. I LOVED writing it, however, it was extremely long (over 100K words) and I felt a little drained having penned three very long books back to back to back. I wanted to take a little more time in writing this book because I knew it would be long as well and I didn't want to feel burnt out again.

If you haven't read Live & Learn yet, get on it before Truth drops because it picks u…