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Catch Up On the First Three Books in the Miss Independent Series Prior to "Truth & Consequences"

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Synopsis: What happens when you learn the love of your life is marrying someone else? What happens when that someone else is your former best friend?

Twenty-three year old Vanessa Rae Brown has it all – exceptional beauty, smarts, and an envious career as the Editor-In-Chief of the popular Attitude Magazine, founded by her famous mother. The only thing she doesn’t have is what she’s always wanted, a life with the handsome Nathaniel Taylor.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel decided that a life with Vanessa’s former best friend might be better suited for him. Not because he wanted it, but because he didn’t have much of a choice when Vanessa dumped him in their senior year after she caught him having sex in the locker room showers with his now fiancĂ©e, Sheila Harris.

Five years have passed since Vanessa has laid eyes on either one of them. Now with their high school reunion just around the corner, it’ll be impossible to continue avoiding not only their impend…

Charleston (Not book related by any means)

This is about Charleston.

Here is Jon Stewart's commentary

This man will be missed immensely.

Listen. I have two twitter accounts. One is strictly personal and for my daily gripes about everything from work to soaps and reality television. It's also the account in which I interact the most with followers and have made actual friends. The other account is more or less strictly book related. It is about updates to books, releases, etc. I normally keep my personal feelings regarding politics, race relations, people in general off of this blog. But I can't do that this time, because I've realized after today that there are still folks who want to be complicit in racism by being silent and wanting to silence others. I actually read a tweet from someone who followed me who said the 'race' of the people who were killed "didn't matter" because it was a tragic event. Considering those 9 people were murdered BECAUSE of their race, I think that makes it pre…

Miss Independent: Book 4, Truth & Consequences, Book Cover & Blurb

How are you enjoying Live & Learn? Have you gotten your copy yet???? If not, get one on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and also Smashwords. Truth & Consequences is coming soon. Interested to find out what it's about? Check it!

In TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES, the fourth book in the Miss Independent series, Sheila and Nathan come to terms with the current status of their relationship. Vanessa and Maurice attempt to make plans for the future despite outside interference. And as Nikki gets drawn back into her past life with Oscar, Melanie threatens to reveal the smoking gun that may keep them apart forever.

Once the book becomes available for pre order, I will post the information and links!

As always, happy reading and enjoy the remainder of your week!