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Miss Independent UPDATES! UPDATES! UPDATES! NEW Release date for Decision Makers!

 Starting TOMORROW, Feb 27th, Miss Independent will be available to download for FREE on Kindle for five days (Feb 27th - March 2nd), leading up to the NEW release date of Decision Makers, which will now become available to download on MARCH 2! March 10 is just too far away and I'm eager for people to get their hands on the second book as soon as possible! 
Find Miss Independent on Kindle HERE. It will be listed for completely FREE tomorrow, February 27th- March 2nd!

Find Decision Makers on Kindle HERE. On sale March 2nd for 2.99!
Find it in paperback HERE! On sale NOW for $17.53.

Once Decision Makers becomes available via other platforms, I will update in a follow-up post!!

Tell anyone you know who may be interested in snagging these books! The growth of the series depends on the readers!!! Thanks to ALL who have read so far!!!

Decision Makers Sneak Peek!

Part One
It seemed as if the room would never stop spinning. Vanessa almost felt drunk and sick from the events that had occurred after last night’s reunion. Not sick in the way that she felt like running to the bathroom and vomiting, but in the way that she felt like she would die a very slow and painful death in her bed all alone that morning if she didn’t come to a decision about her life soon and the people in it.
She rolled over on her stomach and clutched her pillow tight, pulling it beneath her chin and pressing down hard as she momentarily shut her eyes. She began thinking of Maurice’s lips and how they felt against her own when he kissed her last night, after she had finally returned home from her office, a place where she sought solace but found nothing but regret.
She remembered how he kissed her and why, how his mouth tasted and the sweetness of his lips. She remembered the feel of his skin as he melted against her own like butter, and the enticing yet strong scent of cinnam…

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Official PRE ORDER INFO for Miss Independent 2: Decision Makers: UPDATED!

Before we get into all of that, bear with me (yes, this is because I want you to keep reading):

I just have to let you all know that I struggled ALOT while writing this book. Some parts more than others got to me personally and emotionally, but the truth of the matter is, I bawled penning certain parts and screamed before writing others. I really hadn't planned on acting like a total fool with this book but it was really difficult for me to write, a lot more difficult than the first book, and here's why: The characters went LEFT when I wanted and had planned for them to go RIGHT.

That sounds silly. But with characters that become essentially too established in a fictional world, meaning they couldn't be changed so quickly and easily without work because they're pretty much like real people with their own thoughts and feelings, I had many conflicts as to where *I* wanted the characters to go in the story versus where THEY wanted to take me on this next journey. I looked…

Miss Independent, Book 2 Blurb ~ If you've not read Miss Independent, Skip this post as it contains a spoiler or two


In DECISION MAKERS, the second book in the Miss Independent series, Vanessa begins to wonder if a real life with Maurice may be better or worse than the fantasy she always dreamed of having with Nathan. Meanwhile, Nathan and Sheila come to some big decisions regarding their upcoming wedding and future, as Nikki finally decides what to do about her relationship with Oscar.

Deets on pre-order date, as well as release date, as well as some other info pertaining to this book and others will be in a follow up post. Happy Reading!

Miss Independent via Various Platforms

I just wanted to leave a quick note:

The next book in the Miss Independent series, as well as those following, are going to be available to purchase on various online platforms after April 14, 2015. As much as I appreciate having MI enrolled in KDP for the first three months, I've also noticed a few things that are disparaging and discouraging me from continuing on in the program with this particular book. To try my best to minimize the issues that have occurred behind the scenes, I'm going to try to have it available on as many platforms as I can, that includes Smashwords (which will distribute it to most digital platforms) as well as B&N Nook.

Miss Independent (book one) will remain in Kindle Unlimited until the initial run is finished (April 14). After that, it will be removed from the program (though it will remain on Amazon) and be distributed to various sites for $.99.

The next book in the series will be available for 2.99 in digital form on all platforms, Amazon inc…