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It's RELEASE DAY for your boy Blue!!

If you didn't have the chance to pre order your copy of CODE BLUE, you can purchase it RIGHT NOW on AMAZON for $4.99 or read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! It's imperative that you read INFLAMED prior to this book. Though they are stand alone stories, it helps immensely to read the first book in the Shadow Riders series to better understand the characters and their current situations.

I hope that you enjoy Code Blue as much as I enjoyed writing it! Sometimes the writing was not so fun. Sometimes I wanted to rip my hair out, sometimes I hated these characters like real people, and other times I loved them and cried with them as if they were some of my closest friends. 

This is the longest book I have ever written and I NEVER expected for Blue's story to be this long and complex, but there it is. 

Blue and Roxy's story pretty much gutted me at certain parts, but they were determined to have their HEA and I was determined to make tha…


"The pain was as real as the love we had for one another; it was ugly and beautiful and crazy as hell, wrapped within a sea of tortured madness that was us."
CODE BLUE ARC's have been sent out today, so please check your emails! If you've yet to receive it, please email me back and let me know!
The book releases in just FOUR DAYS! It's a little over 200K words which means, YES, THIS BOOK IS ONE LONG MOTHER-EFFER. Blue's background and story versus River's is a hell of a lot more complex to say the least, as is his relationship with Roxy, whose own story is no simple picnic in the park. I'll just say that River and Mia were tame in comparison to these two in every aspect, so you've been warned about that.
If you've yet to PRE ORDER the book, do so soon! The price will go up from $4.99 to $5.99 on March 13th. You can still read it for free in KU if you have the service via Amazon.

INFLAMED will also be absolutely FREE for ONE DAY ONLY on February…


Hey all! 

If you preordered CODE BLUE, then you should have gotten an email from Amazon letting you know that it will be delayed by a week and a few days and will release on February 28th instead of the 17th. I've done some heavy retooling and lost some pretty important chunks of the book that I've had to rewrite and make perfect for you guys again, so I hope you all understand. The book is still coming, it's just going to take a bit more time for me to polish up and make as perfect as possible for you all.

Now, if you've read 'Inflamed', then you know I will not shy away from heavy topics in Code Blue either. It's gritter, a little bit darker and much heavier on the action, sex, swearing and violence. Please keep in mind as you're reading the kind of characters that these men are as well as the women who love them.

I can't wait to share Blue and Roxy's story with you all. It's been really, really tough for me to write over the last seven month…