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Have You Been INFLAMED? Then Join my Official Shadow Riders Discussion Group on Facebook!

Once you're approved to join, you can start discussing spoilers, post your favorite quotes, get to know other readers and learn what they liked about the book, invite those who have read it and loved it as much as you did to take part... and get to know a little bit more about me and why I started writing INFLAMED in the first place!

This is a closed group that will strictly be for those who have read and enjoyed the book only, so feel free to discuss whatever you choose, whenever you choose and ask whatever questions that you'd like in the hopes of getting more insight about Inflamed as well as future books for the Shadow Riders!

Just hit that link below, and it'll take you right to the page:


And check out the pinned post once you're inside! I left a personal note for my readers. 

As always, have a blessed weekend and if you haven't yet done it, asked your friends if they've been INFLAMED!


Blue has a moment of 'clarity':
"Shit sounds crazy as fuck comin' from an asshole like me, I know, but all I ever wanted in my entire goddamn life was to belong to somethin', Riv. When my old man joined up with the Shadow Riders, I saw how happy that shit made him -- how fuckin' proud he was to wear that jacket and eventually take his place beside Wolf in that second chair before Styx's old man came along and took it over." He spun on his heels and outstretched his hand on the table. "Right here." He drew his fingers back and forth across the wood, then glowered and began chipping away at the edge of it. "The day he came home showin' me that patch and tellin' me what the fuck it meant for him to finally have it, I knew that I wanted to be just like him -- wearin' that same goddamn patch and holdin' a cut of my own while that Shadow Riders jacket just draped over my goddamn shoulders like I was king of the fuckin' worl…

INFLAMED Thoughts From Mia's POV

One of the most difficult things to write for most authors is a love scene. At least, for me. LOL. You don’t want to sound mechanical, and yet you also don’t want to make a list that reads like the analysis of a science project.  Interestingly enough, writing intimate scenes between Mia and River came a little easier this time around. I’d never written a couple like them before; both of them were very intense, which made the attraction between them that much more... what’s the word?  Hm. I’m not sure, why don’t you tell me??? Anyway, this small paragraph is from Mia's POV during their first love scene. I loved writing this part in particular because it’s the exact moment when she realizes just how much River truly loves her. This is partially NSFW by the way! LOL: I grinded myself against him and opened my eyes to his face. His eyes were closed, his brows were furrowed, his nostrils flared and his jaw was locked up tight; he was hard, he was soft, his breath quickened, then relaxed an…

A Shadow Riders MC: Blue's Book ~ TITLE AND COVER REVEAL

I got more requests for Blue's book than any other character in INFLAMED combined. I knew I wanted to tell his story too, but I didn't know if others would feel the same way. But it's so great that you do! Tell me what you liked so much about him? I loved him from the first page, but I want to know YOUR thoughts on what made him so compelling to you as a character? The wit? The charm? Or the fact that he made you completely LOL?

Now, be sure and pay close attention to the cover and title of this book because they are symbolic just like Inflamed! BUT, don't freak out. Blue will get some good ol' fashioned lovin' in this book which WILL end with an HEA. Complications will arise because it wouldn't be the Shadow Riders MC if they didn't! Blue's life is very complicated and has been from the time he was a child. What you got of him in Inflamed is just a glimpse of who he truly is, which is a broken man who often uses humor to hide his scars. He's the…

More Books for the Shadow Riders? SURE

Hey all!!! I’ve been getting asked about the other stories that will feature other members of the Shadow Riders, and I figured I would announce that the next few books I’ll be working on for this group of rowdy bikers will be BLUE and STYX's stories!  I have titles and covers for both and depending on which book I plan to release first, I will showcase the title and cover (as well as the summaries) on my blog and Facebook pages. Styx's story was one that I wanted to tell from the beginning. The minute he and Mia have their first real conversation, I knew there was a story there for him and it was one that I felt I needed to dig a little deeper with. That's why his portion of the book is left somewhat unfinished. I didn't want his story to hijack Mia and River's and that's what would've happened had there been further explanation after he learns what he does from Tiny regarding his father. Blue is a character is he not? And truth be told, he almost didn't …

INFLAMED favorite scene? This is one of mine! **spoilery & NSFW language**

A traumatic event has just taken place at River's home, and he and Mia have spoken about it. Just before she heads off to bed, she tells him goodnight:

She took in a deep breath and slowly released it. His eyes went from her hers, down to her mouth and dipped to the side of her throat where he watched her pulse beating erratically in rhythm. That shit was beating just for him and he fucking knew it. Shit. Just the thought of dragging his mouth across it, and the sensation of his tongue on her skin as she shattered beneath him made his cock stiffer than a goddamn bag of concrete. "I'm going to bed now," she told him. "Maybe try and erase what happened tonight with Eightball from my mind as much as I can." She stood up from the couch and stepped closer to him and as he stared back up into her eyes, all he could see was the chance at that better life continuing to pass him by. She reached out for his face and brushed the salt and pepper whiskers along his stron…

Have you been INFLAMED by Mia and River's Epic Love Story? (UPDATED)

Well, have you?

Tomorrow, the book will go into the Kindle Unlimited program! If you know someone who hasn't read it, and also know that they'd like to, let them know that they can download it for FREE if they're a subscriber to Amazon's KU program until April 8th! You can get it HERE and check around midnight, central standard time to see that the book is officially enrolled.

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about the book!

1). Inflamed was *originally* not supposed to focus on River and Mia at all. In the first few drafts, the book was about Mia and... Wolf.

Now, hear me out. Wolf was actually supposed to be the age that River is in the novel (38) and not the age I eventually made him. Whereas River was supposed to be around the same age as Styx (late 20s/early 30s). Styx, originally, didn't exist as a character. The only reason I changed the ages and thus the theme/purpose of the story (and thus, added Styx) was because in a scene that I never put into th…

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I'm hopeful that people are enjoying the book because I really, really enjoyed writing it. I wanted to pull my hair out at times, but ultimately, this was probably my favorite book to ever write. And Mia and River are probably my favorite couple to ever write for. I've never written any two people like them before, but I'm so grateful that they came to me when they did.

Again, this story was very personal for me in terms of the relationship between these two people. Ultimately, the story grew out of what I missed having for myself when I started writing this book in November of last year. I missed what it felt like to fall in love with someone and to have that special connection with someone. I missed what it was like to have that feeling of excitement in seeing someone that you care about. It was initially …