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Have you been INFLAMED by Mia and River's Epic Love Story? (UPDATED)

Well, have you?

Tomorrow, the book will go into the Kindle Unlimited program! If you know someone who hasn't read it, and also know that they'd like to, let them know that they can download it for FREE if they're a subscriber to Amazon's KU program until April 8th! You can get it HERE and check around midnight, central standard time to see that the book is officially enrolled.

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about the book!

1). Inflamed was *originally* not supposed to focus on River and Mia at all. In the first few drafts, the book was about Mia and... Wolf.

Now, hear me out. Wolf was actually supposed to be the age that River is in the novel (38) and not the age I eventually made him. Whereas River was supposed to be around the same age as Styx (late 20s/early 30s). Styx, originally, didn't exist as a character. The only reason I changed the ages and thus the theme/purpose of the story (and thus, added Styx) was because in a scene that I never put into the book, River couldn't stand Mia; he was very much attracted to her, but didn't want to be around her. I knew that his not wanting to be around her was more than just about being attracted to her and not wanting to act upon it, but I couldn't wrap my mind about what his actual issue with her was. In that same "deleted" scene, Wolf wanted River to look after Mia (for his own reasons) and River was vehemently against it. In order to understand why he was so against Mia's very existence, I wrote more scenes for them in various drafts; scenes in which they talked about themselves and their pasts, etc. Writing these scenes helped me to understand River better as a character and helped round him out, so to speak. I also realized that I liked him a lot better with Mia and that their chemistry was WAY too intense, IMO, to keep bottled up or suppressed. So, I let it loose. :-)

2). I almost didn't make this book first and third person because again, via drafts, the book was only supposed to be told in one POV. I just wasn't sure which one at the time I wanted to use, and which one worked better than the other for the purpose of the story. But when I got further into the plot, I realized that both voices were crucial to certain parts of the story. River's voice was terrible in first person (for me) and didn't sound/feel natural, which is why third person worked for him. On the opposite end of that, third person sounded awful for Mia and felt incredibly distant during the writing process, to the point where I couldn't "get" her on the deeper level that I needed. So, I sort of stepped into her shoes as a single mother on the run and in need of help to understand her better. With the way the story eventually came together, I was able to fully grasp both characters equally, but in very different ways that helped them eventually come together as a couple.

3). The cover is symbolic. If you've read the entire book, then you might be able to figure out how and why I chose that cover, and what each part of the INFLAMED heart represents.

4) There's a character in the book that I named after a song, and yet I didn't realize it until I wrote more of their backstory just how perfectly the name fit! 

I wonder if those last two *fun facts* would make for good contest questions??? HM. Think about them for a bit and I'll get back to you on my answer for that!

Have you checked out the giveaway on GOODREADS? <<<<<< Click the link to enter if you haven't yet!

In the meantime, I just want to thank everyone again for purchasing and reading the book!

I'll be working on the fifth book in the Miss Independent series titled The Wedding, which I plan to put out later this summer. I'll also be working on and plotting out the next book in the Shadow Riders! Which character are you most interested in reading about? I have a list, but I'd like to know your favorites? Blue? Styx? More Mia and River?

If you haven't already, add yourself to my NEWSLETTER and be the first to know who the next book will be about!

As always, thanks for reading this blog and enjoy the rest of your week, as well as the view down below! :-)


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