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INFLAMED Thoughts From Mia's POV

One of the most difficult things to write for most authors is a love scene. At least, for me. LOL. You don’t want to sound mechanical, and yet you also don’t want to make a list that reads like the analysis of a science project. 
Interestingly enough, writing intimate scenes between Mia and River came a little easier this time around. I’d never written a couple like them before; both of them were very intense, which made the attraction between them that much more... what’s the word? 
Hm. I’m not sure, why don’t you tell me???
Anyway, this small paragraph is from Mia's POV during their first love scene. I loved writing this part in particular because it’s the exact moment when she realizes just how much River truly loves her.
This is partially NSFW by the way! LOL:
I grinded myself against him and opened my eyes to his face. His eyes were closed, his brows were furrowed, his nostrils flared and his jaw was locked up tight; he was hard, he was soft, his breath quickened, then relaxed and spread across my skin, creating goosebumps all the way down to the tips of my fingers and toes. I rolled my tongue between my lips and brought a hand back up to move my fingers across his features, around his eyes, down his nose and to his lips. His eyes opened and as he stared down at me, all I could see this time was... love. This man loved me, completely, fully, honestly, obsessively, ridiculously, crazily… he loved me. It should've scared the absolute shit out of me to finally have it all, to feel just like this, to finally have him; it should've made me run. But all I wanted, all I needed was more of it, more of him, more of this, more of us. I needed it, I craved for it. I desired it even more than his desire to keep me safe.

I never knew if what I wrote between Mia and River was too much or not enough, but in that case, I felt that it was actually just right!

Thank you all again so much for your comments and emails and FB messages regarding this book! I truly, truly appreciate hearing all that you have to say and love that you are loving the book as much as I loved writing it. I can't wait for you to get your hands on Blue's story later this summer!

As always, happy reading, enjoy your Friday and if your friends are still looking for a spring/summer read, ask them... 




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