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INFLAMED favorite scene? This is one of mine! **spoilery & NSFW language**

A traumatic event has just taken place at River's home, and he and Mia have spoken about it. Just before she heads off to bed, she tells him goodnight:

She took in a deep breath and slowly released it. His eyes went from her hers, down to her mouth and dipped to the side of her throat where he watched her pulse beating erratically in rhythm. That shit was beating just for him and he fucking knew it. Shit. Just the thought of dragging his mouth across it, and the sensation of his tongue on her skin as she shattered beneath him made his cock stiffer than a goddamn bag of concrete. "I'm going to bed now," she told him. "Maybe try and erase what happened tonight with Eightball from my mind as much as I can." She stood up from the couch and stepped closer to him and as he stared back up into her eyes, all he could see was the chance at that better life continuing to pass him by.
She reached out for his face and brushed the salt and pepper whiskers along his strong and sturdy jawline with the back of her fingers; softly, slowly, the feeling of it making her feel warm in places she hadn’t felt come alive in years. Unwillingly, River’s eyes closed and his nostrils flared, and he turned his head, forcing her fingers to brush between the slight opening of his mouth. The tip of his tongue met her flesh and as he blew on her skin, they both felt something then, at the exact same motherfucking time, and he knew it. He fucking knew it and he ached for that shit more than he was ever willing to admit to even himself.
"Goodnight, River," she said, her soft voice still weak but now heavy with lust. "Thank you."
His eyes flew open and as he refocused his vision, he stared back up into her face. Her eyes said she wanted to fuck him; she wanted to fuck him good and slow, and hard and all goddamn night long. They told him she was into the leave scratches on his back, scream out his name until she went hoarse, roll her eyes into the back of her head and go blind kind of fucking that could make even a resilient motherfucker like him sob from satisfaction. Her body needed that kind of pleasure from him just as much as he desperately needed it from her, and he could feel that shit, right down to the tip of his goddamn cock, he could feel it. Had she been anyone else, any other bitch at all, he would've taken her back to his bedroom right then and there, placed her flat on her back and given her every fucking thing she desired from him and then some. But this bitch was different, and he knew that shit. It made her both absolutely fascinating to him and a big ass, motherfucking pain in the goddamn ass all at once.
"Night," he finally told her through a grunt.
She dropped her hand from his face down to his shoulder and moved around the couch. He whipped his head around, watching as she left the room and paced down the hall back to her bedroom. And once she was gone, he sat back and rubbed two fingers down either side of his face and exhaled.
"Jesus. Fuckin'. Christ."

If there was any other word for screwed at the moment, this son of a bitch was most definitely it.

I loved writing that scene and all that it meant to the characters. I re-read it a handful of times before going on to others to make sure every emotion and feeling in that moment was just right between them. What did you think? And what was your favorite scene of the book so far? Let me know on my Facebook author page!
If you've yet to read INFLAMED, you can still download it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! You can also purchase it for $2.99 during a special promo price that I will have going from April 8-14th! If you have friends that you know who would like to read it, don't hesitate to let them know!
Thank you for all of the messages and responses and reviews of this book! I nearly had a panic attack before releasing it, as I've said in so many words before, and was *this close* to not pushing publish because I wasn't sure if people would love reading it as much as I loved writing it. I'm thankful to all who have taken in the book and loved reading every word. In the end, I published it for YOU.

Thank you again, and as always, happy reading and enjoy your upcoming weekend with River!

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