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INFLAMED will be 99cents tomorrow (8/20/16)!!!! If you've yet to grab it, pick it up and tell a friend!

CODE BLUE will officially be out in SEPTEMBER! I've had tons of unexpected setbacks this month in my personal life, but I'm determined to push through and get this book out for you all. 

It's turning out to be one of my favorites and I really can't wait for you all to get your hands on Blue's story! It's sad, it's dark, it's thrilling, it's sexy as hell. 

Once the book is in edits, I'll drop an official DATE.

In case you missed it, here is the official synopsis!

" was hard, it was nasty, it was angry and gritty... it was us."

This book breaks all the rules put in place for traditional romance.
Lying. Cheating. Stealing. Tons of swearing and death.
It shows the uglier, more unpleasant side of being part of an MC.
No kittens. Bunnies. Flowers, hearts or candy. 
No roses and barely even sanity.
It shows how hurt…

It's been a minute! How about a CODE BLUE snippet featuring Blue and Roxy?

"Blue..." Before I could say another word, he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, forcing me to squirm against him. God. "Blue," I called out again, but he continued to ignore me, and instead clawed his fingers into me and dragged them down my back and around my waist. I gasped as he jerked me against him, forcing me to feel the stiffness of his rock solid rod as it pressed down hard against my sex. Unthinkingly, I wrapped my legs around his waist and grinded myself against him. 

He groaned. "Jesus, baby..." He dragged me even further beneath him and moved his hips in somewhat of a circular motion, then shoved himself against me again and grunted. As the lower half of my body reached the height of arousal, I was sure as hell that I was bound to shatter right there beneath him. I needed to get the hell away from this man before I lost my clothes the same way I had apparently lost my damn mind in being with him in the first place.