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Release Date Coming Soon for New MC Romance 'Reapers Promise'!

'Reaper's Promise' will be on sale later this month on Amazon for just 99cents or FREE in KU! I'll have a release date coming up very soon so be sure to keep a close eye out on my Facebook page!

I've had a ton of fun writing this book! Roman and Colette are hella steamy. Their chemistry is through the roof in a way that basically put River and Mia from 'Inflamed' to shame, if you can believe it!

As usual with my MC romances, there's love, lust, sex, murder, mayhem and swearing. Read at your own risk!

Once again, here is the cover and synopsis!

"They play by the rules and get f*cked. We don't and never do."Colette: I woke up in Vegas married to my ex-boyfriend's hot as hell biker brother. Not that I'm exactly complaining considering I've practically been in love with him since forever, but... Record scratch. Wait a second. I bet you're wondering how the hell a kindergarten teacher got here, right? Well join the (biker) club, bec…