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When a Character Takes Over Your Story, Things Don't Ever Go According to Plan

I wasn't going to post this, but I have to get it out someplace: Nicole Sanger is throwing off my entire storyline for her in Book 2.

This is not fun, but what happens when a character starts dictating parts of their story as opposed to you dictating it for them. I feel like I have to relearn her as a character in order for this to make sense in my head. Not just as a writer, but as a reader too. The same thing happened with Maurice, who began as a side character with no real involvement; except I was a fan of that outcome. This one? I'm not so sure about. However, it does seem to help Nikki grow throughout the story. I'm just not so sure yet if I'm a fan of how she's growing. But that's a personal problem, not so much an editorial/writer problem.

We shall see how it goes.


Here is a list of music I listened to while penning Miss Independent. I've read many authors can listen to music while writing, while some need total silence. I'm a mixture of both. Depending on the scene, sometimes I need to hear certain beats to keep the momentum going. Other times, if I hear more than just the hum of my laptop, I'm completely thrown off and tossed out of a scene and its dynamic entirely.

The first song on the list is pretty obvious as it is in fact the reason I originally named the novel as I did. There's a little story behind how Miss Independent originally came about, including an almost unhealthy obsession with all things Beverly Hills 90210 (the original class, of course) and why it took me 10 years to finally put the story on paper. That'll come at a later time, most likely after I've finished book 2.

Anywho. My list of music for this book is very eclectic. Some songs are flat out explicit, so if you choose to, listen at your own risk. T…

New FB page!

I'm thinking this might be easier to navigate: Facebook

Like the page if you get a chance!

I might be "ghost" on the blog for a bit as I finish the second book and continue with my day job. That said, I hope to update the FB page and my twitter as often as I can since I can navigate them a lot easier from my phone from time to time.

Happy Reading!


How are people liking Miss Independent? What are your thoughts? Likes and dislikes? Do you identify with anyone or no one at all? Glad it was over? LOL.

I'm curious! Let me know!

Also, be sure to follow/add me as a friend on Facebook! Letting me know it is for MI purposes will allow me to add you immediately. That is where I will do most of my updating, aside from my blog and twitter. Including when the second book in the series will become available!


Miss Independent is FREE on Amazon Kindle today! Click here to snag a copy! Review it if you choose and tell some friends!

If you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can download the book for free at any time!

Happy reading!

Who, me?

I thought this was pretty cool! (Wish I could fix the formatting, but it looks a mess when I try. Apologies!) I know the numbers can fluctuate just from doing my own searching for various books in various genre's, so who knows how long it will remain. But at the time of the screen shot, Miss Independent was sitting at #85 under "African American Women's Fiction" on the Amazon UK Best Sellers list. Not sure how many sales I've generated thus far, but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has read it, recommended it, bought it and even those who returned it after realizing it wasn't for you. At least you tried it and maybe passed it on to a friend. LOL.

I am in the middle of completing the second book in the series. I have the title, the story, the beginning/middle/end, which is good because it is also helping me to flesh out Book 3. I am currently filling in the blanks for the second installment and am having a blast in doing so! There is still a c…

On Sale Now

Today! Today! Miss Independent is released today on Amazon Kindle!
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What Happened To Miss Independent?

Hi everyone! The story I've been working on is finally a finished product!

I love this cover a lot! I wavered between this and a set of diamond rings. The latter was really pretty, but it didn't really fit for the vibe I was going for, story wise. I feel like this cover really pulls the entire story together. Miss Independent is the first in a planned series and I am working on the second one as we speak (as well as my other stories, lol). The title and storyline were inspired by Kelly Clarkson's song with the same name. Originally the main character, Vanessa, was quite different. Then again, I first had the idea for the story when I was seventeen. Attempting to pen a twenty-something character at that age when I had not gone through enough experiences myself was not the easiest thing to do, so of course, a lot changed in that respect. Vanessa and company are probably my favorite of the characters I've written thus far, if only because they are similar to many people I…

Welcome to 2015!

Happy, happy, HAPPY New Year!

So thankful for this year, it's unbelievable!

Also very thankful for those that continue to buy my books and read this blog!

In case anyone was wondering (I'm not exactly sure how many people really read this blog, but just in case, lol) I also write under the pen name, "Inez". I have two other books written under that name, though they are YA. You can find them here and here !! They are both the first in planned series' (2 more books a piece). The Inner Circle will be listed as FREE tomorrow on Amazon Kindle, btw! I've changed the cover, which you can apparently only see while viewing a sample. As of now, the cover is just this generic looking thing that at the time, I felt was fitting, but the more I have looked at it, it just *looks* like a stock photo. And it is, but I don't want it to look like that.

Anyway. Unfortunately, it will take me time to get around to finishing both of the second and third books (as well as the …