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It's been awhile. But Live & Learn releases next Tuesday. In case I've failed to mention it once or twice, now you know.

Let me tell you now that this book will not be a short read. I cut it down as much as I could, but there were a few parts in particular that just couldn't help but be long. When you read them, you'll know why. 

I think Book 3 will leave you with some questions. I even had some as I was writing it, but I realize I can't answer everything for you when I write. Otherwise, the book would never end. So some things are left up for you to ponder until the next book comes out. I think L&L will make you wonder about various circumstances that take place and you'll ask why some characters have done or continue to do certain things. And frankly, you might want a few of them gone for good. I don’t honestly know that yet, but I'm preparing for it.

I have to admit, the original ending for Live & Learn was a lot different than what you'll r…

Live & Learn: 15 days and counting!

A Hamptons vacation takes place in Book 3 of the Miss Independent series!

I had a helluva lot of fun writing certain scenes for his trip. Someone really shows their true colors during a shocking dinner that takes place, and the results of that night won't be pretty. The repercussions run deep and the lies remain strong.

But at least the view is stunning!

Pre Order is available HERE.

Live & Learn goes LIVE on May 5th!

Here's a "Live & Learn" Fun fact for today:

Maurice was originally NOT intended to be one of the main characters in the books. I might have mentioned this before but it bears repeating. His only purpose was to pop in and out of the story from time to time, offering advice as Vanessa’s good-looking, but oversexed childhood friend and current roommate. That was my original story for him, no more or less. Layers were to be added later as the series went on, but once he started ‘talking’ to me while penning Miss Independent, I couldn’t ignore his voice. It was loud. It was determined. It was one of the most interesting ones I had listened to. And I realized early on that he wasn’t going to let me continue on what I wanted until I sat back and listened to what he had to tell me.

Did making him a bigger character than intended turn out for the best?

Pre Order HERE to find out May 5thand then you can tell me!

Want to read Miss Independent AND Decision Makers, FOR FREE?

In honor of the Live & Learn release, I've combined Miss Independent and Decision Makers into a single set volume on Amazon that you can now download for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Regular sale price is $3.98.

This Kindle Unlimited sale will be for a LIMITED time as part of a promo deal and will ONLY be available on Amazon. So tell any and everyone you know who hasn't read it yet to "One-Click" their copies while they can!

And as a special BONUS! the combined volumes has a new cover:

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Live & Learn will be coming to you on MAY 5!!!!

This will be my last post for the next few weeks as I get my hustle on with these edits! Happy reading!

25 Days Away!

Live & Learn is just 25 days away!!!!!

Refresh with Miss Independent and Decision Makers!

If you enjoyed them, don't hesitate to spread the word!

Pre Order Live & Learn HERE if you haven't already to have it immediately delivered to your kindle on release day!

As always, happy reading! Back to editing.

Live & Learn: Fair Warning!!!

Just letting people know that there is going to be a pretty explicit love scene in this book between two of the characters. There have in fact been love scenes in the previous books in the series, but none like this one, I must say. Whew!

Some may love it, some may hate it depending on your feelings for the characters involved, but I just wanted to let ya know, it's there! As I continue editing the book, I realized that a scene like that may elicit certain feelings for some and wanted to give a fair warning!

Remember, Live & Learn is currently available for Pre Order, HERE

Release date remains May 5, 2015!!!! I really can't wait to read your thoughts on these characters on their continued journey's.

As always, happy reading!!!

Miss Independent Book 3: Live & Learn, Part One!

As promised!

Part One
Nathan stood at the center of a crowded sidewalk just outside of Vanessa’s office building as workers from every side of Manhattan whizzed past him. While they hummed nonsense into their cell phones and crossed busy streets, he remained completely motionless, never glancing at a single one of them as he continued looking up at the building with his hands placed deeply inside his pockets. Beads of sweat dripped down either side of his face, coating the collar of his crisp white dress shirt. He was so stiff that he couldn’t even bring himself to reach for the handkerchief sticking out of his top pocket to wipe it away.
Aside from the insanely warm weather being a contributing factor to his now drenched appearance, he was also scared as hell to see his ex for the first time since announcing the new date and location of his upcoming wedding to her former best friend, Sheila Harris. While he had hoped to keep the information from leaking out past anyone who hadn’t plan…