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Miss Independent Book 3: Live & Learn, Part One!

As promised!

Part One

Nathan stood at the center of a crowded sidewalk just outside of Vanessa’s office building as workers from every side of Manhattan whizzed past him. While they hummed nonsense into their cell phones and crossed busy streets, he remained completely motionless, never glancing at a single one of them as he continued looking up at the building with his hands placed deeply inside his pockets. Beads of sweat dripped down either side of his face, coating the collar of his crisp white dress shirt. He was so stiff that he couldn’t even bring himself to reach for the handkerchief sticking out of his top pocket to wipe it away.

            Aside from the insanely warm weather being a contributing factor to his now drenched appearance, he was also scared as hell to see his ex for the first time since announcing the new date and location of his upcoming wedding to her former best friend, Sheila Harris. While he had hoped to keep the information from leaking out past anyone who hadn’t planned to attend, his future bride was more interested in making as big of a deal of it as humanly possible. She didn’t just want their family to know of their new plans, she was ready for the entire world, especially Vanessa, to become aware of the fact that she was finally going to wear the name Mrs. Nathaniel Taylor once and for all and a lot sooner rather than later, which had been her plan all along. After the press got wind of the news via an ‘anonymous source’, they ran with the story and haven’t stopped once to pace themselves, much like Sheila.

            Nathan inhaled deeply, engulfing the vicious smells of smoke that surrounded him as he tried but failed to get just a glimpse inside the window that led to Vanessa’s office. He wondered what she would say to him upon sight. Or if she would toss something at his face instead like she had done once or twice before during an argument when they were still together. Part of him was hoping that she would throw a complete fit like a juvenile. He wanted her to get mad the same way she did when he first came back to town because it meant that she still gave a damn about him and what they had as much as he tried to claim to himself, and to Sheila or anyone else who would bother listening to him, that he didn’t anymore – which is why he had finally consented to an earlier wedding date after putting it off for so long. Another part of him, so small he could barely see or feel it inside of his chest, didn’t know if he should be so enthused to possibly see her still so angry at him, and for good reason.

Now, what could Nathan possibly want to see Vanessa about this time? Find out May 5th!!!!!

Live & Learn is available for Pre Order on Amazon

Happy reading! As I return to editing.


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