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Another Catastrophe, Another Book ~ Truth & Consequences

If you read all the way to the end of book 3 in the Miss Independent series, titled Live & Learn, then you know that the next book will be called Truth & Consequences, and for good reason.

You'll also realize that there is a pattern in the books in which a huge event takes place, that is somewhat the catalyst which leads to change and certain decisions being made by certain characters.

Well, this book is no different meaning yet another glamorous event takes place, and yet another DOOZY throws a wrench into an otherwise fabulous evening!

MI had the reunion, DM had the restaurant opening (though that was mild in comparison to the others), L&L had what I like to refer to as The Dinner From Hell in the Hamptons (what fun that was to write), Truth & Consequences will have a grand celebration honoring one of your favorites for their success, during which a bomb is dropped on the entire room leaving that person utterly humiliated, not only by friends and family but the…

Sunday Miss Independent Updates!

Apparently when I was trying to switch categories for the MI series (I removed them from strictly AA romance and placed them into the Multicultural/Interracial Romance category) the first book in the series, Miss Independent, was printed twice and uploaded for $2.99 (the page count will read 310 instead of 477). I apologize to anyone who has purchased the 2.99 version as the correct PRICE should be $0.99 and updated ASAP.

Decision Makers, Live & Learn and the upcoming 4th book, Truth & Consequences are the only books thus far in the series that are or will be available for $2.99. (Not including the 2 volume set which is available for $3.98 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited)

Having said that, the Miss Independent version that has been uploaded with 310 pages is correct in terms of actual content. The page count is less due to the fact that it is a Kindle version only and not a combined Kindle/Paperback version like the one I uploaded back in January of this year. Thus, the newest ver…

Have You Gotten Your Live & Learn Fix yet??? SPOILER ALERTS GALORE!

Where you happy with Maurice and Vanessa's relationship in this book? I love writing their scenes because they are true friends before lovers. Relationships like those are ones I admire the most, so it was a lot of fun to explore and expand on that! It'll be interesting to see how they handle what has been kept quiet from the other in book 4, which if you've read until the end of Live & Learn, you'll know it will be titled Truth & Consequences. That will probably be a long one too, so prepare yourselves!

What did you think about Melanie and Sheila possibly forming a friendship? The scene of them in the bar/club together was a lot of fun to write! But Sheila has a lot of personal demons. There's part of her that has been trying to suppress them for years and it's pretty clear that she's been trying to use Vanessa to do that, but she keeps going about it allllllllllll wrong. Vanessa wants nothing to do with her and for good reason, right? How the hel…

Live & Learn, Book 3 in the Miss Independent Series

"I didn’t know what to say at the time – I didn’t know what to call it because I couldn’t explain it or how I felt, but I know now that I am in love with you, Maurice Livingston. I’m in a love so deep, I’m afraid to pull myself out of it because I don’t know what’s on the other side of it and I don’t think I ever want to. Maybe a part of me has always been this deep with you and I didn’t know it or ignored it, which is why I could never seem to cut you out of my life."

Have you picked up your copy yet?!? What are you waiting for? Book 3 in the Miss Independent series is on sale NOW and available HERE and HERE!

Books 1 & 2 are available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. OR purchase them separately HERE and HERE for $.99 and $2.99, respectively.

Happy reading!!!

Miss Independent, Book 3: Live & Learn is now....

Available for Purchase on Amazon
ONE CLICK HERE If you haven't read Miss Independent or Decision Makers yet, get them HERE and HERE OR Get the TWO VOLUME SET for $3.98 or download for FREE in Kindle Unlimited... HERE  Purchase HERE on Smashwords, May 6th
 Once Live & Learn is available in paperback, I will post the info in a follow-up blog.

Surprising relationships formed between some characters in this one while others were on the brink of falling apart. Having said that, let me just tell you again that this book was SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE! I know that people were frustrated with things that happened (or didn't happen) in Decision Makers and I get that. It frustrated me to write it because the characters took me to places that I didn't necessarily want them to go, but knew that they needed to. In some respect, they had to be moved (or had to stay) in certain parts of that story in order to get them to where they are now in Live & Learn. The theme of book two was makin…

Curious as to what I listened to while penning Live & Learn?

Guess what? Decision Makers had a soundtrack as well, but I lost it when my laptop crashed and that file, along with a few others, we're not able to be recovered.

Sooooooooo, here's the soundtrack for Live & Learn. Some of them are repeat songs. If I ever manage to remember all of the songs from DM, I'll post them at a later date.

Live & Learn ~ Joe Public

Whatever You Like ~ TI

First Night, Misty Blue ~ Monica

Vila Rada ~ Nikola Sarcevic

Earned It ~ The Weeknd

Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield feat. Carney

Pills N Potions ~ Nicki Minaj

So Cold ~ Ben Cocks feat Nikisha Reyes-Pile

Make It Rain ~ Ed Sheeran

Whatcha Say ~ Jason Derulo

Losing My Religion ~ REM

Black Horse & Cherry Tree ~ KT Tunstall

Not Ready to Make Nice ~ Dixie Chicks

Good Girls Go Bad ~ Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester

Rude Boy ~ Rihanna

If ~ Janet Jackson

Apologies ~ Grace Potter

1+1 ~ Beyoncé

Only One For Me ~ Brian McKnight

Set Fire to the Rain ~ Adele

Ready For Love ~ India Arie

When You Really Love Someone ~…