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A Shadow Riders MC: Bluespiration

Blue + Inspiration = Bluespiration...
You get it.
It took me awhile, but I think I finally found my Blue!
Now he's younger than I'd like, a wee bit taller than he should be, his eyes are a different color than written and his hair is much longer than Blue's will ever get... 

(I'm not sure where this picture is from originally, but I got it from PINTEREST)

He's like Tarzan and Thor all rolled into one or something. His name is Brock O'Hurn and he's an apparent Instagram star because he looks, well, like that. I'd seen him before (long before I penned a single Shadow Riders book) but when I kept thinking about Blue and what he looked like, a face similar to this is what kept popping up. To me, Blue has always had the wisdom of someone like Bobby from #SOA but looks as if he could even set the sun on fire.
Anyway, I thought I'd share what I was working with because I'm nice like that. Others …

A Shadow Riders MC: Blue's Book ~ Manic Monday UPDATE!

Just an FYI!

"Code Blue" picks up where "Inflamed" left off, with Blue and Snake (who has come to pick him up from the wedding) driving back home to Crescent Beach, while River spends time with Mia outside of the hospital for some honeymoon time.


Now, it's not *required* to read "Inflamed" first, BUT, it might help to get acquainted with it in order to have a grip on the characters and the situations (as well as dialog, language, etc.) at hand.

I write out of order and never manage to stick to my outlines unless I have full blown scenes written (and even those will get cut from time to time if the story ends up flipping in a completely different direction, as it did with Inflamed and as I feel it will here), and right now, I'm penning the prologue. This is where Blue meets Roxy for the first time and their first meeting is... intense, to say the least. I was surprised because I had two other prologues in my head for about a month that I swi…

A Shadow Riders MC: Blue's Book ~ BLURB TEASE

When tragedy strikes the club, Blue is forced to step up his role as a leading member of the Shadow Riders MC, Mother Charter, in more impossible ways than one.

I promise not to give you a story that would make you hate the book. Or me. So, don't freak out! But do stay tuned!
Full blurb/summary coming soon!

Tentative Writing Schedule for 2016

SO! These are the next books I am working on this year:

Code Blue ~ A Shadow Riders MC
The Wedding ~ A Miss Independent Novel (Book 5)
Bound With You (Written under my pen name, "Sasha" and final book in the Bound Serial)

I had planned to write at least two more following (Styx's book, along with the final Miss Independent novel), but when Inflamed got pushed back to March, I had to step back and look at what I was actually capable of finishing before 2017 (this year is zipping by, good grief). And I realized that penning one book at a time REALLY works wonders for me creatively as opposed to writing so many stories at once. I am able to concentrate so much better, get all my ducks in a row, focus harder on characterization and flesh out a more authentic world and setting. 

When I rush, the results are awful and it shows in the writing and story. So in order to give you the reading experience you deserve, I need to focus one at a time instead of being scatterbrained. At this …

#WriterWednesday - Inflamed 'Fun Fact!'

Did you know...?

The scene in which Mia & River finally talk about their feelings for each other and hook up was written about a month before nearly everything else that happened prior to it.

Right after I wrote the prologue and first three chapters, there was a giant gap of 'stuff' that was supposed to happen, but I wasn't sure how to fill it because I didn't know what any of that 'stuff' would be. So I decided to move forward with other parts of the story until it finally hit me.

That exact moment of their hook up came to me as I was writing another scene, and I just went with it, all while having zero clue as to how the hell they got to that point (given where they started)! It was only when I finished those scenes that I knew what I was building up to and how the story itself would come to an end. It amplified and intensified every conversation and encounter between them, hence the name of the book.

I changed the cover three times in the hope of reflecting …

FWIW: This is a Personal Note, so Please Read at Your Own Risk

I truly appreciate the passion many readers have for Inflamed - the title is very aptly named, I think.
However (and I never planned to do this and don't really ever plan to address something like this again in the future, but it's kind of getting to me personally and affecting my daily writing process for the next book), I don't think I expected some of the more vitriolic messages I've received as a result of this book either.

Now, I expected opposition to the story/characters/writing/setting/swearing before I was even halfway done with the book, so that's not what this is about. People are entitled to feel how they choose and once a book leaves my hands and is in yours, it's no longer something I "own". Truth be told, I really appreciate hearing all sides because it helps me to grow as an author, and this is where reader feedback comes in. But I think that a line of respect on both ends sort of needs to be drawn as well.

I stay away from review site…