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You've Got to Live & Learn: Miss Independent Book 3, BOOK BLURB & PRE ORDER INFO


LIVE & LEARN coming this MAY

Tentative release date, May 5th, 2015. The DATE may be subject to change, but the MONTH will remain the same!

COMPLETE DEETS, including pre-order information and first chapter reveal will become available SOON!

Happy reading!

Interested in reading something a little different? Try The Inner Circle!

The Inner Circle is a YA novel written under my pen name, Inez. It was a fun little mystery to write. Though it is the first in the Secrets & Lies series, I encourage you to try it out! Fair warning that it'll take time for me to release the second book as I'm still completing books for the MI series as well as Royal Chronicles, though I do have it planned out from beginning to end. Inner Circle will have two more books to complete the series. I plan to finish them back to back and hope to have them released sometime next year.

Here's the blurb for book one:

Secrets come heavy in the small town of Bryson, Georgia, and no one knows that better than The Inner Circle. Long time members Rachel, Lexie and Arabella are pros when it comes to playing by the rules set in place by current leader of the pack, Heather Gladstone. But after spending an unwillingly dreadful summer with Heather as her latest minion, newbie Katzyana Gallagher is no longer willing to obey.

After a h…

Have you picked up Decision Makers, yet?

Grab a copy!

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Book 3, titled LIVE & LEARN, is on its way!!!!


Is it too soon for me to tell you that book 3 in the Miss Independent series will be titled, Live & Learn?

I'm doing it anyway.

This has been a really fun one to write. The characters introduced in Decision Makers make many appearances in this book! I have had fun getting to know each of them a little better.

Speaking of Decision Makers, how are people liking it? That one was admittedly a hell of lot more fun to edit than it was to write. And I say that because that book in particular hit a little too close to home. I had to think about it a little more, especially when it came to Nikki's portion of the story, and I had to ask myself what I wanted for her versus what was actually good for the story and character. Obviously, she won out over me and I feel it worked out for the best for everyone in this book.

But I'm only of one opinion. How did you feel? Does anyone like her with Oscar? Or does she just need to keep looking for love elsewhere, or perhaps stick with Wi…

Decision Makers is now LIVE on Amazon and other retailers!

The second book in the Miss Independent series is now available for purchase! Don't forget to download a copy HERE!!!!

If you're interested in the paperback version, find it HERE!!! As well as HERE on Barnes & Noble.

And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the first book in the Miss Independent series before starting the second! Trust me when I say that you will need to read book one before diving into book two so that you won't be confused on characters, situations, etc! Miss Independent is currently available to download for FREE on Amazon Kindle in the link provided above. Today is the last day to snag a free copy, so get it while you can and tell a friend! Once the promotion is up, it will be available for $.99 as well as FREE on Kindle Unlimited until April 14!

Just a reminder, after April 14th, Miss Independent will be removed from KDP Unlimited so that I am able to place it on other platforms along with the coming books within the series. Decision …