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Inflamed ~ A Shadow Riders MC (SNIPPET)

"My stomach churned as I kept my eyes locked on him and the beats of my heart snaked so erratically throughout my entire body that I was sure if he looked at me again, he could see my flesh pounding."

One of my favorite lines of this book!!!! If you checked out the previous post, you'll see it's coming in February instead of January (considering it's currently the 28th, I'm assuming you would've guessed it by now, lol).

This book will be presented to you in first and third person which is something I've never done, personally, with my writing, hence the pushback. To start, I haven't written anything in first person past tense in about two years and to pair it with third person? Very odd for me, and very challenging, but also very exciting because I want my books and the stories to be different from each other. I read so many versions of so many different books, but it's always different each time you sit down to write your own.

Now again, thi…

Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC ~ Blurb Info (UPDATED PRICING, Please read!)

"I'm nothin' but danger, darlin'. I'm no more than death. I'm somebody that you don't wanna f%&kin' mess with in the middle of the goddamn night or even in the daytime. I'm your worst f%&kin' nightmare – your greatest enemy. I'm every f%$kin' thing you never wished I was and every f%$kin' thing you ever wanted me to be."

Their world's collided like a pair of rocket ships in midair.

Eight years ago, Mia Sullivan was known in and around her small town just outside of Crescent Beach, Florida as the 'good girl'. The 'preacher's kid'. The one who never stayed out late, always turned in her homework on time and never, ever said a word in front of anyone else that she couldn't say in front of her parent's first. She didn't drink. She didn't smoke. And sex before marriage was completely off the table. Her world was perfect. Her life plans were laid out in front of her. Everything was set i…

Welcome to 2016! New Year, New Book


A Shadow Riders MC

Completely new book I worked on that will be released within the next month or so. It's a stand alone MC IR (motorcycle club/interracial romance) that may or may not have attachments to it. Photo credit: 123RF stock which is where I get all of my covers. Blurb will be released soon! In the meantime, have you checked out Miss Independent: A Naughty vs. Nice Novella?? I encourage you to read it prior to The Wedding (which will release in the spring!) as spoilers and a few plots were revealed in that book! It's still 99cents at the moment until I'm able to change the price on Amazon, so snatch it up! So were you Naughty or Nice this past Christmas? I won't mention where I landed on the list, but I can guarantee you that there were a LOT of naughty people running amuck in V's life, as per usual. Hope everyone is enjoying their new year thus far! Looking forward to what it has to offer. As always, happy reading and enjoy the rest…