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Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC ~ Blurb Info (UPDATED PRICING, Please read!)

"I'm nothin' but danger, darlin'. I'm no more than death. I'm somebody that you don't wanna f%&kin' mess with in the middle of the goddamn night or even in the daytime. I'm your worst f%&kin' nightmare – your greatest enemy. I'm every f%$kin' thing you never wished I was and every f%$kin' thing you ever wanted me to be."

Their world's collided like a pair of rocket ships in midair.  

Eight years ago, Mia Sullivan was known in and around her small town just outside of Crescent Beach, Florida as the 'good girl'. The 'preacher's kid'. The one who never stayed out late, always turned in her homework on time and never, ever said a word in front of anyone else that she couldn't say in front of her parent's first. She didn't drink. She didn't smoke. And sex before marriage was completely off the table. Her world was perfect. Her life plans were laid out in front of her. Everything was set in place. Until one night with the wrong man sent a girl well on her way to the top of the hill, sinking straight down to the bottom of the river like a stone.

Eight years ago, Jacob 'River' Hawkins was just a man looking to finally catch a break in his life. Born into a world of drugs, booze, sex and bikes, he had long ago given up on his dream of winning the UFC World Championship title after snapping his opponent's neck during a staged cage fight. As a result, his mother encouraged him to finally become an official member of the only family he ever knew growing up, the Shadow Riders MC. A few years in was all it took before he was made VP and forced to help make decisions about a club that while saving him from the streets, was also draining away parts of his soul day by day. Parts he never thought he'd get back until the morning he found a girl almost half his age beaten, broken and laying half dead right outside his club.

Eight years ago changed the course of two lives forever, connecting two souls that never believed in needing someone else until they had a need for each other. Neither of them knew just how much that need would eventually turn to lust, followed by love. Neither of them knew just how much that kind of love would almost destroy them both.

Note for Potential Readers:

"Inflamed" is a complete story told in third person POV. Though this is not a typical romance, I can in fact guarantee an HEA. But you need to know that the road to that HEA will not be a paved with pretty flowers along the way. At all.

First and foremost, there is A LOT of swearing in this book. A. LOT. There is also a lot of sex. A. LOT of sex, and graphic sex as well as graphic dirty talking during sex. You're dealing with an alpha male here, so there is lots of swearing, lots of violence and lots of death. This world is dark, it's gritty, it's angry, dangerous and for some, completely offensive and outrageous.

Yes, this is a romance, but if you don't like MC reads, if you didn't like Sons of Anarchy and the like, if you don't want to know about underground worlds, if seedy is nowhere near being your thing in a book, I'm warning you now to stay away. I pull no punches with this just as I didn't with 'Sinfully Ours' (written under my pen name 'Sasha'). They're real, raw and completely in your face. This is an IR (interracial romance) but the 'N' word will be thrown around freely by some, as will other words and phrases directed at other races that may offend some. This isn't meant to shock you or even turn you away as a reader, it's meant to make you aware as far as what you're about to dive into and just how real it is.

I've been exploring other sides to my writing over the last few months and I'm happy to share them all with anyone willing to take a chance on me. And I hope that you do with this book. I understand if you won't, but I needed to be upfront about what this book entails, what it's about and why it might work for some while it will absolutely not work for others. So please take time to download opening pages via the sample before deciding to purchase. The prologue will show you exactly what you'll be getting from the rest of this book.

Thank you.

***EDITED*** Coming in February! I'll put up the actual release date closer to the sale. ***EDITED***

If you want to keep up with it, add it on Goodreads HERE

***EDITED*** Book will be $1.99 during the first few weeks of release and will go up to $4.99 the week following. It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited. ***EDITED***
Hope you guys like it! It's very, very different for those that have read my Miss Independent series as you can tell from the synopsis alone.
Speaking of which, The Wedding is still coming out in the spring! I'm shooting for an April release date and if everything goes according to plan, it will come out then. Possibly on my dad's birthday, which is the 30th. But we shall see!

As always, happy reading and enjoy your weekend!


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