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A Shadow Riders MC: TEASER ~ Sage Advice from Blue to his Daughter, Shayla

"Darlin', if I never teach you nothin' else in this life, I'm gonna teach you this shit here: anytime somebody tells you that you CAN'T or that you SHOULDN'T do somethin' that you've been dyin' to do -- that you've been dreamin' about doin' since you were no higher than a pig's foot in dirt, you bend it over, slap an I CAN and I WILL on that son of a bitch and keep it movin' straight ahead." He pointed. "And while you're walkin' away, you better be holdin' your head up so goddamn high that when motherfuckers see you pass, they'll think God Himself is pullin' you up with an invisible string He personally gifted to ya. Understand? Never let a motherfucker allow you to think you're less than."

I love Blue in part because he says things like this. He's very thoughtful with his words even if they aren't PC or everyone's cup of tea; he has absolutely no filter and doesn't care because he's speaking his truth. And he believes that in the end, his intentions are always good and for the sake of helping others. He is the kind of man that looks out for other people more than himself which is why he was such a great Sergeant At Arms for the club, and why I think he'll be an even better VP for his best friend.

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