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I first want to say to my readers that I DEEPLY apologize for the continued delay and silence regarding Reaper's Fight.

But I have to be honest in telling you all that I have considered not even putting it, or any other book like it, out for the last few months or so, and I can't fully explain all of that without fearing that I might piss you off or let you down or both.

There's been so much going on in the world as of late, one thing on top of another, piling on like bricks on top of more, unsturdy bricks, that I've been battling with myself and what I write; I've been battling with how I write and what's appropriate as well as what isn't. And for a longggg time, the joy of putting words on paper had been completely zapped from me. I'd literally look at my laptop and sigh because I just couldn't bring myself to upload the book or allow it to be read by anyone else, even as an edit.

Currently, I'm still struggling on a certain level, but I'm also still determined to get this book and story out to you all, as well as others. Because at the end of the day, I write love stories. I write stories about two people in love with each other and no one else; stories about people trying to find their way back to each other after long periods of time of being apart. I write about consensual sex and romance and family and close friendships. I write about pain and sorrow and heartache with hope that one can bounce back from it all in the long run. The language I use in these stores is harsh and crass and gritty and vulgar and that's the world that I've created; that's what I struggle with; is it too much, is it too little, is it not enough? Even now, I'm still learning how to be comfortable with sharing what's inside my head with you all, especially when it comes to writing about my MC men.

I'm fiercely praying that I can work up enough courage to put this book out before the end of the year, but I can't make anymore promises at the moment because I hate telling you all one thing and then another is what happens. It's not fair to you and it's not fair to put myself on deadlines I only hope to achieve but am not sure if I can. I've struggled with how to put all this into words, and thus, I've been silent. But I realize that I can't do that anymore because again, it is not fair to you as my readers.

Just please be assured that this book as well as others like it are still coming. I have to write what's in me and these stories are still begging to be told.

If I choose to put it up for pre-order this month, it more than likely will be up just a few days before it actually goes on sale.

Anyone who signed up for ARCs, and still wants to read the book, will receive it a few weeks prior to release.

If you would still like to receive Reaper's Fight as an ARC for review, please sign up HERE.

Know when the book is LIVE by signing up HERE.

And if you've yet to check out Reaper's Promise, you can still get that for Free in KU or for 3.99 on Amazon

"Nothin's ever over 'til it's over, darlin'."

Tatiana: The night I came home to find my sexy as hell ex-husband turned Wild Reaper standing half-naked in my living room, I thought I was dreaming. He was dripping wet from head to toe with nothing but a towel covering his giant d*ck and a smirk on his face as soon as I opened the front door. When I questioned what the hell he was doing here after all these years, he dropped down to one knee in front of me and asked for my hand in (re)marriage. When I asked him why the hell I would do such a thing for the second time in my life, he said it was the only way to keep me from being killed.

Axel: The last time I saw my ex-wife, she was tossing her wedding ring in my face and walking out my front door with her bags in one hand and whatever the hell was left of our marriage in the other. When I told her I wanted to join up with The Wild Reapers, she said I couldn't have both and gave me a choice between the two. As soon as I slid on the cut and things were made official, I knew I would never have another taste of that smooth, sweet skin of hers ever again. I was younger then and stupid as f*ck, never realizing the mistake I made in letting her go 'til it was finally too damn late to try and fix it. But now that she could be taken out by The Sons of Saints & Sinners MC for snitching on their Prez, the only way I know to keep her safe is to once again reclaim her as my one and only. Both in this life, and back in my bed.

Complete standalone with an HEA (no cheating) told in first person for each Axel and Tatiana in alternating chapters. Sometimes gritty and raw, sometimes sweet and sensual, "Reaper's Fight" contains adult situations such as vulgar language, swearing, explicit sex and violence not suited for anyone under the age of 18.


  1. Is there a timeline on when the book will be published? I really enjoyed your other MC/ IR books, it's hard to find BWWM MC books. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you so much, Willie! And so sorry for the delay in my response! I'll be publishing it mid-January!


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"Why the hell are you sitting over there acting as if he's not talking about helping to save a kid from a piss poor motorcycle club that operates inside the basement of a run down liquor store formerly owned by Nazi's, motherfucker?"

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The date will come later this month.

It will also be in Kindle Unlimited. 


(synopsis directly beneath hasn't changed)

"Nothin's ever over 'til it's over, darlin'."
Tatiana: The night I came home to find…